Some background:  Stash is a company that makes investing easy, and they are introducing a new feature which let’s you invest directly into companies
of your choosing. The beauty of Stash is the low thresholds. They allow you to invest as little as $5, as opposed to the big guys that demands $1000
just to take a meeting with you.
But with Stash you don’t need a 1000’s of dollars, or even a meeting, you just need the Stash App.

Our challenge was to introduce this new feature to a younger audience and we quickly realized that the word “Invest” posed a challenge. The word has connotations leading you to think of big boardrooms, paperwork and expensive suits.

Our insight was that investing feels more tangible, and fun, when it’s about companies you already engage with.

This lead to our idea which was to show people how they already invest in companies, so why not invest in them?





We partner with a few selected companies on Stash’s roster to reach potential customers in the moment they engage with said company.



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